mesh Namespace Reference

Define Tet class for modeling tetrahedra. More...


class  Edge
class  Entity
class  Face
class  LooseOctree
class  Octant
class  ParallelTetMesh
class  Point
class  Tet
class  TetMesh
class  Vector3
class  Vector4


typedef unsigned int id_t


const id_t ID_NONE = static_cast<id_t>(-1)

Detailed Description

Define Tet class for modeling tetrahedra.

rights - copyright Roman Geus <>, (C) 2005, See COPYING file that comes with this distribution file name - tet.h file type - header file objective - tet.h - description author - Roman Geus, Benedikt Oswald modified - 2003 dec 12, roman geus, creation modified - 2006 feb 6, benedikt oswald, added member function to calculate center of gravity modified - 2006 features - defines the Tet class, an object to model tetrahedra implementation -

Typedef Documentation

typedef unsigned int mesh::id_t

Type that stores a Tet, Face, Edge or Point id.

Definition at line 26 of file entity.h.

Variable Documentation

const id_t mesh::ID_NONE = static_cast<id_t>(-1)

"NULL" id.

Definition at line 30 of file entity.h.

Referenced by parallel::assign_gids(), parallel::assign_gids2(), mesh::Face::Face(), NedelecMesh::generate_sorted_AM(), h5_cartesian_sampling(), h5_compute_eigenquality(), h5_write_eigenfeield_retrieve_DoF_efficient(), h5_write_eigenfield(), NedelecMesh::map_dof(), LagrangeMesh::map_dof(), QuadraticEigsolvOperators::matrixAssembly(), LinearEigsolvOperators::matrixAssembly(), mesh::ParallelTetMesh::set_edge_gids(), mesh::ParallelTetMesh::set_face_gids(), mesh::ParallelTetMesh::set_point_ownership(), and mesh::Face::set_tet_id().

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