src/myrlog.h File Reference

#include "rlog/rlog.h"
#include "rlog/StdioNode.h"

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namespace  rlog


class  rlog::MyStdioNode


#define rExit()
#define rDebugAll()   rLog(RLOG_CHANNEL("debug/all"), __VA_ARGS__ )
#define rInfoAll()   rLog(RLOG_CHANNEL("info/all"), __VA_ARGS__ )
#define rWarningAll()   rLog(RLOG_CHANNEL("warning/all"), __VA_ARGS__ )
#define rErrorAll()   rLog(RLOG_CHANNEL("error/all"), __VA_ARGS__ )


std::string rlog::bytes2str (unsigned long long size)
std::string get_log_file_name (std::string prefix)
size_t get_mem_footprint ()
void log_mem_footprint (const Epetra_Comm &comm, std::string msg="")
void log_command_line_args (int argc, char *argv[], rlog::RLogChannel *channel=0)
size_t get_matrix_mem_footprint (const Epetra_CrsMatrix &)
void log_matrix_stats (std::string matrix_name, const Epetra_CrsMatrix *A)

Define Documentation

#define rDebugAll (  )     rLog(RLOG_CHANNEL("debug/all"), __VA_ARGS__ )

Definition at line 31 of file myrlog.h.

Referenced by parallel::assign_gids(), parallel::assign_gids2(), main(), mesh::ParallelTetMesh::set_edge_gids(), NedelecMesh::set_map(), LagrangeMesh::set_map(), and mesh::ParallelTetMesh::set_point_ownership().

#define rErrorAll (  )     rLog(RLOG_CHANNEL("error/all"), __VA_ARGS__ )

Definition at line 37 of file myrlog.h.

Referenced by parallel::assign_gids2().

#define rExit (  ) 


do { \
        rError( __VA_ARGS__ ); \
        exit(1); \
    } while(0);
Logs a message to the error channel and exits the program with status 1.

Definition at line 22 of file myrlog.h.

Referenced by LinearEigsolvOperators::buildPreconditioner(), CometGapFinder::CometGapFinder(), DirectSolverOperator::DirectSolverOperator(), QuadraticEigsolvOperators::getAsigmaPrec(), QuadraticEigsolvOperators::getHPrec(), LinearEigsolvOperators::getHPrec(), QuadraticEigsolvOperators::getHSolver(), LinearEigsolvOperators::getHSolver(), and HierarchicalBasisPrec::HierarchicalBasisPrec().

#define rInfoAll (  )     rLog(RLOG_CHANNEL("info/all"), __VA_ARGS__ )

Definition at line 33 of file myrlog.h.

Referenced by QuadraticEigsolvOperators::matrixAssembly(), HDF5ParallelReader::read_tets(), mesh::ParallelTetMesh::set_edge_gids(), and mesh::ParallelTetMesh::set_face_gids().

#define rWarningAll (  )     rLog(RLOG_CHANNEL("warning/all"), __VA_ARGS__ )

Definition at line 35 of file myrlog.h.

Referenced by FemaxMesh::constructY(), FemaxMesh::constructY_transp(), mesh::ParallelTetMesh::fix_edge_orientation(), and mesh::ParallelTetMesh::set_edge_gids().

Function Documentation

std::string get_log_file_name ( std::string  prefix  ) 

Return file name suitable for the log file

size_t get_matrix_mem_footprint ( const Epetra_CrsMatrix &   ) 

Return local memory footprint of a Epetra_CrsMatrix.

Definition at line 267 of file myrlog.cpp.

Referenced by log_matrix_stats().

size_t get_mem_footprint (  ) 

Return the current memory footprint of the process (code, data, stack, lib).

Definition at line 215 of file myrlog.cpp.

Referenced by log_mem_footprint().

void log_command_line_args ( int  argc,
char *  argv[],
rlog::RLogChannel *  channel = 0 

Log command-line arguments.

Definition at line 255 of file myrlog.cpp.

Referenced by main().

void log_matrix_stats ( std::string  matrix_name,
const Epetra_CrsMatrix *  A 

Log properties of a CrsMatrix.

void log_mem_footprint ( const Epetra_Comm &  comm,
std::string  msg = "" 

Log the current memory footprint to debug channel. This function should be called by all processors in comm.

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