src/eigsolv/FortranRoutines.h File Reference

#include "Epetra_BLAS_wrappers.h"
#include "Teuchos_LAPACK_wrappers.hpp"

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class  FortranRoutines


typedef int LOGICAL


void PREFIX F77_FUNC (dswap, DSWAP)(int *n


void PREFIX double x []
void PREFIX double int * incx
void PREFIX double int double y []
void PREFIX double int double
int * 

Typedef Documentation

typedef int LOGICAL

Definition at line 40 of file FortranRoutines.h.

Function Documentation

void PREFIX F77_FUNC ( dswap  ,

Referenced by FortranRoutines::LAENV(), FortranRoutines::SWAP(), FortranRoutines::SYEV(), and FortranRoutines::SYGV().

Variable Documentation

void PREFIX double int* incx

Definition at line 48 of file FortranRoutines.h.

void PREFIX double int double int* incy

Definition at line 48 of file FortranRoutines.h.

void PREFIX double x[]

Definition at line 48 of file FortranRoutines.h.

Referenced by Projector::Apply(), blas::axpy(), blas::dot(), postprocess::LinearFieldInterpolation::eval(), NedelecMesh::eval(), NedelecElement2::eval(), NedelecElement1::eval(), NedelecElement::eval_cartesian(), NedelecMesh::eval_curl(), NedelecElement2::eval_curl(), NedelecElement1::eval_curl(), NedelecElement::eval_curl_cartesian(), NedelecElement::eval_curl_simplex(), mesh::LooseOctree< NodeType >::export_vtk_level(), blas::gemv(), h5_cartesian_sampling(), h5_write_eigenfield(), colarray::Vector< T >::inject(), OperatorTest::is_linear(), OperatorTest::is_non_destructive(), OperatorTest::is_symmetric(), main(), blas::nrm2(), parallel::operator<<(), colarray::operator<<(), NetgenReader::read(), HDF5Reader::read(), HDF5ParallelReader::read_boundary(), HDF5ParallelReader::read_mats(), HDF5ParallelReader::read_points(), HDF5ParallelReader::read_tets(), and NR::trapzd().

void PREFIX double int double y[]

Definition at line 48 of file FortranRoutines.h.

Referenced by blas::axpy(), blas::dot(), mesh::LooseOctree< NodeType >::export_vtk_level(), blas::gemv(), h5_cartesian_sampling(), OperatorTest::is_linear(), OperatorTest::is_non_destructive(), OperatorTest::is_symmetric(), main(), LoggingFunction< FunctionType, ScalarType >::operator()(), and NetgenReader::read().

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