Seminars organized by AMAS

Project Updates: 26 September 2017

V. Rizzoglio: PhD Project: Gantry Modelling

M. Frey: PhD Project: AMR

N. Sauerwein: MSc Project: LWFA

M. Kellermeier: MSc Project: Photonic Band Gap Structures

S. Li: MSc project: On a Numerical Model for Quantum FEL's

P. Ganz: pre MSc: project: Map generation

M. Kranjcevic: PhD project: Multiobjective Optimisation of RF Cavities

Beam Dynamics Palaver (OLD 2013/14 Content)

The Beam Dynamics Palaver is intended as an informal seminar series to discuss various topics around beam dynamics and computational accelerator physics arising in the broader context of our existing and future machines. The seminar includes short moderated paper presentations of new publications and discussions of their contents. It will also serve as a platform to inform on progress of our own research and to discuss new ideas.

A mailing list ( is setup, which can be used for discussions. Please sign up in order to receive seminar reminders and up to date information on the program.

Please send ideas for presentations or paper discussions to me

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Summer Student Lectures 2013

Lecture 1: PSI in Brief, ( pdf), T. Strässle

Lecture 2: Particle Physics at PSI, ( pdf), K. Kirch

Lecture 3: The Higgs Search, ( pdf), R. Horisberger

Lecture 4: SwissFEL X-ray free electron laser ( pdf), H. Braun

Lecture 5: Looking into materials and components with neutrons and muons ( pdf), K. Clausen

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