Issues from last Meeting (June 14)

Issue Action
OBLA phase-I, case 3: tune solenoids to match beamsize of Homdyn simulation (MP) Changed SP3 to 43 mT, call it case 3a and repeat all studies
Centroid position in misalignment studies (MP) Added centroid position to plots (below beam size and emittance)
Need "realistic" simulation (duetto laser): 6.5 ps pulse length (Guassian), 1 A (FLP) Simulated gun for 22.5 ps uniform (Gaussian not possible in IMPACT-T), played around with SP1 and SP3/SP4, tried to find emittance minimum coincident with beam waist
Need to check convergence of IMPACT-T simulation with decreasing time step (RB?) Reran case 1 with 100 fs timestep (10 fs in gun) - results are identical.
Can IMPACT-T simulate a non-planar cathode? (MP) No. Would require substantial change of code.

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