Research Interests - Andreas Adelmann

  • High Power Particle Accelerators Design
  • Multiscale Beam Bynamics and Related Numerical Methods
  • Efficient and Parallel Solutions of the Poisson Equation with FFT based Direct Solvers and Iterative Methods
  • Time Domain Maxwell Solver Using the Finite Element Method (FEM)
  • Large Scale Multiobjective Optimisation
  • High Performance Computing

    Lectures at the ETH Zurich

    Present HS2013 - Accelerator Physics and Modeling I

    Past FS2013 - Accelerator Physics and Modeling II

    Past: Parallel Numerical Computing 2012 & 2010


    Hard to find or not yet online:

    H5hut: A High-Performance I/O Library for Particle-based Simulations (prepared for IASDS 2010 Workshop for Interfaces and Abstractions for Scientific Data Storage) (pdf)

    A New Vectorization Technique for Expression Templates in C++ J. Progsch, Y. Ineichen, A. Adelmann (arXiv) The code is here enjoy!

    Papers found: SPIRES SPIRES
    My CSE Papers: UTIER
    Curiculum Vitae CV

    Selected Talks

    Physics Colloquium Univ. Mainz 2013 The IsoDAR (Isotope Decay-At-Rest) Experiment within DAEδALUS
    Physics Colloquium MIT 2013 Computational Particle Accelerator Physics - Multidisciplinary Science for next generation Accelerators
    ICFA FFAG Workshop, Vancouver 2013 OPAL & FFAGs


  • The Conceptional Design of a new PSI Ring Flattop Cavity Investigation of Plasma Phenomena in the Ring Cyclotron Abstract
  • Object Oriented Parallel Accelerator Library OPAL
  • Space Charge effects in HIPA: B870, PSI Injector II, IW2 and the PSI Ring cyclotron
  • H5hut parallel file Format ( Doku )
  • FFAG and Space Charge KURRI
  • Check out for challanging ETH Masters Thesis

    Cool Movies (browse here )

    or take the directors cut and enjoy a selection:

    11mA, 870keV, p DC beam, charge density contours mpeg

    Neighbouring turns in the PSI Ring cyclotron mpeg

    DC electron source simulation at a SwissFEL page

    More cool stuff for example: protons in an electron background, including secondary emission can be found at the LBNL Vis page

    Old Stuff

    HPC at PSI the Rosa (Horizon) Project -- Rosa doc