mesh::LooseOctree< NodeType > Member List

This is the complete list of members for mesh::LooseOctree< NodeType >, including all inherited members.

_max_depthmesh::LooseOctree< NodeType > [private]
_rootmesh::LooseOctree< NodeType > [private]
add_node(NodeType *node, Octant< NodeType > *start=0, int depth=0)mesh::LooseOctree< NodeType >
export_vtk()mesh::LooseOctree< NodeType >
export_vtk_level(int level, std::string filename)mesh::LooseOctree< NodeType >
export_vtk_recursive(Octant< NodeType > *octant, int depth, int x, int y, int z, int target_depth, std::vector< int > &cells)mesh::LooseOctree< NodeType > [protected]
filter typedefmesh::LooseOctree< NodeType >
find_nodes_by_point(const Vector3 &coord, std::vector< NodeType * > &node_list, int &nof_visited, LooseOctree::filter filter, Octant< NodeType > *octant=0)mesh::LooseOctree< NodeType >
find_one_node_by_point(const Vector3 &coord, int &nof_visited, LooseOctree::filter filter, Octant< NodeType > *octant=0)mesh::LooseOctree< NodeType >
get_statistics(int &max_depth, double &avg_node_depth, int &nof_octants, int &nof_nodes)mesh::LooseOctree< NodeType >
get_statistics_recursive(Octant< NodeType > *octant, int depth, int &max_depth, double &sum_depth, int &nof_octants, int &nof_nodes)mesh::LooseOctree< NodeType > [protected]
LooseOctree(const Vector3 &center, double length, int max_depth)mesh::LooseOctree< NodeType >
~LooseOctree()mesh::LooseOctree< NodeType >

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