LinSolvers Member List

This is the complete list of members for LinSolvers, including all inherited members.

ALinSolvers [private]
LINSOLV_CGSLinSolvers [private, static]
LINSOLV_MINRESLinSolvers [private, static]
LINSOLV_QMRLinSolvers [private, static]
LINSOLV_SYMMLQLinSolvers [private, static]
LinSolvers(const LinSolvers &L)LinSolvers [private]
LinSolvers(const Epetra_Operator *AA, const Epetra_Operator *PP, double *wTmp, int _type=LINSOLV_QMR)LinSolvers
operator=(const LinSolvers &L)LinSolvers [private]
PrecLinSolvers [private]
QMRS(const Epetra_Vector &b, Epetra_Vector &x, double _tol, int _itMax)LinSolvers [protected]
solve(const Epetra_Vector &b, Epetra_Vector &x, double _tol, int _itMax)LinSolvers
solverTypeLinSolvers [private]
work_sLinSolvers [private]
~LinSolvers()LinSolvers [inline]

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